Month: April 2018



Let us speak on the subject of what it is to be, here and now in this macrocosm, all of the social expectancies and oddities bearing no actual pertinence but which are so life changing in consequence, that farting at the wrong or right time can alter your destiny and that of your progeny.

 Lately Ive been reading every damn thing I can get my grubby  sedentary stomach developing hands on and Ive found a general scheme. A scheme as if perpetrated by  Historians and Literati to pressure and inculcate social inclinations, to create ideated circumstances and place them upon history and explain it thereof , rather than looking at it in the thousands of different modes necessary.  The lens of time alters all.  Fools , such as we , know this but smash forward like aurochs or lumbering Titans out of myth.

As Eiseley says in his  The Firmament of Time, Custom was developed to make up for mans inability to rely on instinctual memory . And of course this has served us well with our weak frames and ability to be smashed to death quite easily. But  Always the need for some Totemic avatar of ourselves has festered.  I am a firm believer in the importance of Custom as long as I know that the reason I ascribe to it is both harmless and arbitrary. I will not join hands with groups of persons wishing to do what i hate and know is evil,       (there is no virtue in herd thought nor can there be) but also i will not kill myself with guilt over my forced adherence to custom and a Nation State , however painful and odd it is to exist within one, especially with a set of morals and any type of sight or sense at all.

Where does one go from here? I mean from this time period, and yes it seems so remarkable to us now, this time we live within, but know also that it always felt so to all who looked toward the future and had even a breath of a thought.  And you hear so much talk of  Future and Destiny. But why entrust such things to Beings incapable even of sucking the marrow out of the wee bone of the present ? Men so easily confused, as to worship both Science and Various Gods simultaneously, will venture odd attempts at prescience while ignoring a literal massacre of all which they would wish to give the future , before their very eyes, this and much like it.

Never will you see a consciousness so easily written off as the one we have been given.

The odd and inexplicable blessing of possessing this Thought Ability, regardless of First Cause, is miracle enough to continue the odd  chemical reactions of your flesh and greet death open handed, for surely there must be more of an adventure. No on after all knows what single cells think or atoms. And who hasn’t felt a rib bursting emotional inclination which moved them beyond their sense perceptions leaving them empty of the weak sense of causality enforced on them by the nonsense of custom,setting them free for a time which seemed an eternity but was a mere frame of inhalations in the cinema of your life? How does one explain such senses? Except with Neurology talk, all of which is essentially men using lights to study sections of the brains reactions, but again it is as if we look at the surface of a lake and pretend because of this we also see the Bottom, the Bottom however in reality remains quite  muddied .

I do not in any way wish to delineate the glorious Science and Study of mankind, the incredible Thinkers, Artists, Mathematicians, and Dreamers who have clearly out-thought me and rank in a subcategory in History, as Borrowed Personalities in History Books given us by Men with Agendas. But Alas this is the set up of things, truly the meek  have already inherited the Earth and they’ve lit it afire with their feeble grasp of the Essence of Being and it has weighed heavy on the mentality of All, and All ever since labor under  inordinate burdens. Never once have we been privy to the key to merely enjoying a full stomach and general goodwill in a real sense to our fellow humans, but we can make a huge heap of a monument towards ourselves nonetheless.

I have to hope there is something noble in that monument to selfhood we’ve erected, or I have to think that this is a disreputable affair, this Past Worship and the Future could be much different. Honestly i could think anything, which is the eking beauty of it all , Consciousness , Flesh as an odd Outfit one is Harnessed with until another Journey, all of it so odd but so nonchalantly embraced by all, as we meander about and we hope to continue to pace on the orb we found ourselves upon.