Month: August 2017

Fear is the Mindkiller

Fear is the Mindkiller

No one wanders to a wall which they cannot see passed and glories over it, one is merely limited by it.

No one builds out of hate and doesn’t have what stands ,

fall as easily as it rose.

No one gains peace from sorrow,

Or joy from release of hate,

love from a standard they bear ,

understanding from the pain of another’s experience. No not one.

Prophets do not profess the good times, for those times have been few, they merely point out the truth when men are skinning their knees praying to monuments of idiocy, they help them to rise and stand in the proper posture.

When we uncover ruins we only ever find the same basics, the same implements, the same science which discovers this also allows us to dream of a place further from needing be found in ruins with our implements as well, but we spurn it. And we spurn God, simultaneously, every act a hatred against faith in the future, every moment of rage or anger to a stranger: a shortening of the life and peace on a Planet for my children and all children to share.

Who are we to be so important, who are we to not gnash our teeth at ourselves when hate fills us, why are we so weak, why do we scream about our strength, worship muscle and metal and all that ends what gives joy. A period you ask, why no question mark? Because it is a statement.

Man Writes Again, Leaves out much from Laziness.

Man Writes Again, Leaves out much from Laziness.

Of late I have kept quiet, like Lewis and Tolkien I consider all news as we call it to be the nomenclature of nonsense, a perversion of reality perpetuated by men who have no interest in truth.

Our rulers are arbitrary and to be untrusted, we can look only to ourselves for freedom, and some might spend even this freedom in chains, of their own making of course but no less heavy.

Do not fear wars or death, or leaders who promise it.  Do not reiterate a fear proposed by other men who know nothing of the future as none can prove seer-ship to my knowledge as of yet. They must wait for the future to happen like everyone else.

Like Franklin says in his autobiography and this is a summation , he has a distaste lifelong brought onto him by his indentureship to his brother , for arbitrary ideas of assumed power. And like Tolkien says and this also of course is a summation democracy is merely a mechanized form of an ideal society and doomed to failure as it isn’t natural but forced, we witness this now, or we don’t depending on how one may see. As he also says leaders are naturally corrupted by a perceived sense of power however harmless and become Sauron’s ,wielding rings, always the song is the same , why should our fear be so?

On that note until the bombs fly i will not scramble for cover, until there is something to fear i will hold my head up and laugh until the end of my days because they will come whether i wish it or not and I do not believe the struggle for mere flesh is the most powerful one we will face, nor do I believe an end to be in sight which can profess to know, i believe there is truly very little we know. Only love is worth our time, love loudly and without shame and shelve the worries of lesser beings , look at them like a kindly father who chooses to not admonish his children in a hope they will learn from experience.