Opposition and Facing It Without Fear

What have you to fear? Your life and every circumstance is within your  hands, what to you is the political unity, Nations, Opinion, Group Feeling?

In your mind dwells a country, a true Motherland,

no flags are waved, no boundaries exist,

no men need rule through legality,

where control is not an illusion perpetuated in order to imply an order which is masked force,

In your mind is a real world which makes this one seem the vestiges of a mere growth upon rock, and we mere amoeba, clothing appear to be chains, ownership appears to seem like slavery, freedom to be something never needing to be earned , simply a thing granted by birth to everyone who’s flesh touches the earth, except for those who cannot see the door

2 thoughts on “Opposition and Facing It Without Fear

  1. This writing really made me think. It left me wondering where to look for the door. Do you have a direct map? Lol No but seriously have you written more on the topic of freeing yourself?

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