Month: January 2017



The land is a desert of fear,

divisive groups abound each screaming their own one dimensional agenda,

Im reminded of Tacitus and the time of the three emperors,

Mobs everywhere, rendering unto Caesar what must be rendered,

Christians defending monsters,

Monsters defending Christians.

Factories working full tilt built and run by children ,

Islands sinking,

Science controlled by plebeian interest guided by profit.

My sons inheriting this from me, I from my father, a biblical lineage of weakness and frailty, a false God prayed to by all called commerce, commerce by the few, in a land of tyrants who move behind the scenes and right out in front, no one even minds, the mask has fallen and we all applaud what appears to be if not the end, the very fabric being sewn of a flag for a republic which will be a republic only in name.

But birds fly outside of my window, the veined arms of trees hold their lithe boned wings, cartilage and tendons and bone, all that is me, i wonder at the tree , if it will hold me, as I watch my doppelgänger chop at its base smiling.